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Hello guys, in this blog post I have organized 40 Python projects that you might be interested in trying out ranging from web scraping to natural language processing.

All the projects listed here are the ones I have built personally as I learn python and I thought it might be useful sharing them with other people learning python so as to help them solidify python skills as they build them.

I have attached Either a blog post about the project or a GitHub repository with the source code of the project, I hope you will find them useful.

In case you face any issues while trying to run any of these projects, please feel free to reach me through my email at isaackeinstein(at)gmail.com, Good luck.


In this project are going to learn how to write your python script to hide secrets in images in a way that is almost impossible to spot, using both password and password-less steganography.

ASCII encryption is a ciphering algorithm that encrypts the original text by shifting their ASCII value by a certain secret key, This project guides you to build one in python in no more than 15 lines of code.

Keylogger is spying program or script that secretly record all the keystrokes typed on computer for either monitoring or malicious purpose, This project illustrated how you get to build one with python in no more than 5 minutes

Natural language Processing

In this project you’re going to master several speech recognition techniques as the build of which you can apply to multiple other projects, it covers recognition from microphone, audio, and very long audio.

This project introduces you to 3 ways that to do automated language translations with Python in no more than 3 lines of code for each technique.

This Project introduces you to sentiment analysis using textblob and you’re going to build a simple script to summarize the overall customer reviews that were found positive vs negative ones.

This Project will guide you to building a simple desktop app using Tkinter which serves as a chatbot using knowledge fed from JSON file.

This project guides you to building a simple plagiarism detector from scratch with python and scikit-learn based on cosine similarity, one of the use real use case of this project is to spot out students who copied with each other.

You’re probably familiar with the concept of spam if you use Gmail(SPAM folder), This project guides the process of building your own spam filtering model using python and scikit-learn.

In this project you will about extracting tweets about a certain topic from twitter and then using natural language processing to analyze how they feel about a particular topic

Web Scraping

This project guides you to build a python script that will crawl coronavirus updates from the worldometer website on all countries as shown in their website and save it to CSV.

Have you ever wanted to get all the available links on a website without having to stare and doing it manually, well this project guides you to build a python script to help do that in milliseconds?

This is an article that will walk through the basics of web scraping together with python web scraping libraries and at the end, you will get to build a script to scrap Quotes from the web.

Have you visited a site and love all the pictures on it or needed them but gave up due to the process you have to visit every single page and download one by one manually, this project guides you to build a monster web crawler that will recursively parse all the downloadable image links and download them for you

Machine Learning

This project walks you through data engineering, training a classification model, and Deployment with flask as build and you build a system to do loan repayment prediction based on trained ml data.

Computer vision

In this project, you’re going to learn how to build your own real-time barcode/QR code reader with Python using Pyzbar and OpenCV library.

This project introduces you to Optical character recognition(OCR) using pytesseract and Speech synthesis to building a simple python script to help you convert an image into audible sound.

A python program that employing a computer vision technique to detect edges on an image based on the Canny() algorithm.

This project introduces you to Cascade Classifiers whereby you’re going to build a Python Program for Real-time detections of vehicles using OpenCV and a trained cascade classifier model.

Desktop GUI

In this project, you will learn to build your own calculator app with gui using Tkinter.

This project guides you to build a simple music player app in Python using Tkinter and Pygame.

Here you will you’re going to build a simple guessing game using python random module and Tkinter library.

You will learn to make your own digital clock with Python in just 10 lines of code with a time module and Tkinter.

Monty Hall Problem is one of the puzzling probability concepts popularized by Tv shows, it explains how switching of choices leads to probability concentration, If you love mathematics then this one is for you.

You will then build a simple desktop app that you can simulate the probabilities given nth choices.

You’re going to build a simple camera application in python using Tkinter and OpenCV, which will have a button for you to take a picture and also to continue streaming.

Here you will get to build a simple desktop application for the aim of tracking a country by which a mobile number belongs using Tkinter, pycountry, and phone-iso3166.

Here you will get to build a simple library management system application using python that allows users to borrow books and also returns using Tkinter and SQL.

A simple local messenger that relies on the local network for messaging and also sharing of files


Have you trouble remove duplicates files in your drives? This is for you, it guides you to build a python script that iterates recursively over your drive and removes all the duplicates.

You don’t website to act as a website blocker, you can easily build your own python simply with file handling, This project walks you through that.

Sockets are the backbone of messenger apps, in this project, you will get to build your own minimal CLI messager using sockets.

Is your computer running something that takes time and you want it to either automatically restart or shutdown after a certain time, this project walk through that in plain English


  1. How to Visualize the COVID-19 spread using folium in Python

Have you asked how interactive maps with visual insights are made, this project walk you through to the process of generating one with folium in Python by generating a geospatial map for coronavirus spread.

Embedded and IoT

This a very detailed article about the state of Embedded programming with Python, I also demonstrate with code three ways in which you can control Arduino boards with Python, and at the end of the article, you get to build a simple assistant integrated with hardware.

Bots and Automation

Here you will get to learn how a telegram bot is built using botfather and how you can build your own with python using teleport by building one.

Hope you find them useful, in case you would have anything to add just fork it, and it will be my pleasure to merge your helpful contributions.

Did you count, it is 35, not 40 I will take the remaining as debt and will update along the way !!

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